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Growing People, Process and Performance

People Elevated is a business performance consulting firm dedicated to achieving measurable business results such as improved quality, productivity, safety, and customer satisfaction; reduced employee absenteeism and turnover. People Elevated helps clients with the successful implementation of Strengths-based leadership and coaching development, employee engagement catalyst programs, and high performing team principles. Consultants leverage a practical approach backed by more than 25 years of professional experience in Quality and Operational Excellence Management, Leadership Development and Coaching with global Fortune 500/100 companies. People Elevated quickly identifies improvement opportunities and influences positive change in culture, organizational structure, people and business processes.

“Although we help clients improve performance by reducing waste and driving process improvement, a focus of business which is virtually untapped and has the greatest potential for lasting results, is an intentional approach to human capital optimization.”  – David Barski

“We recognize the importance of leadership and organizational health in achieving business results.  Management and Leadership set the tone and create the environment for high employee engagement.”


With over 25 years of business, professional and organizational experience, we have proven solutions to your business challenges.

Competitive Rates

We offer competitive rates which balance your budget with the value you deserve as partners.

Superior Quality

Our services are specific and target the needs of our partners. We are dedicated to quality results as the only acceptable outcome.

Free Consultation

We want to understand your challenges and goals. To ensure a good fit where a partnership is valuable, we offer free initial consultations.


Our approach puts our partners at the center of attention. Our commitment to your outcomes and your success will surprise you!


We believe you deserve the best. Our approach will be high impact and professional for our partners.


Our mission is to partner with organizations to elevate their ability to achieve greater business success by focusing on how work gets done and the people who do the work.


Our vision is a community of healthy businesses and organizations where leadership is equipped to optimize the potential in people, processes and performance.


We value people and believe that the intersection of culture, people, process and organizational health is where true business success lies. Equipping leaders with the proper mindset, skills and resources is the key ingredient to catapult organizations rapidly toward their vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Leadership Development
  • Strengths-based Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Organizational Health Assessment & Recommendations
  • Workflow/Process Optimization.

People Elevated is a value-oriented executive consulting firm.  All programs are customized to the needs of our partners and are aligned with their budgets. Services can be packaged, or consulting hours used.

Businesses face common problems, but each client has unique cultures, challenges and needs.  People Elevated quickly identifies high priority opportunities with its’ clients and focuses on what is needed to quickly resolve them.

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“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.” – Bill Gates

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